Best Summer Nail Designs

Besides a good pedicure, I really don’t spend much time on my nails for summer, as mine are super short. But I do love admiring the gorgeously lacquered nails of others, especially those covered in the stunning pastels and rainbow nail shades of the season. From watermelons to butterflies, matte to plaid, there are so many nail design options to consider for your fingertips. Here are 86 cute nail designs and shades for you to browse for your spring/summer manicure!

Certainly! Here are some popular and trendy summer nail designs that you can try:

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Best Summer Nail Designs

  • Vibrant Neon: Opt for bright neon colors like hot pink, electric blue, or lime green for a bold and eye-catching look.

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  • Pastel Perfection: Choose soft and delicate pastel shades such as lavender, mint green, or baby blue for a fresh and airy summer vibe.

50+ Pastel Nails Perfect For Spring! -Best Summer Nail Designs

  • Tropical Paradise: Create a tropical-inspired design with palm tree patterns, exotic flowers, or vibrant fruits like pineapples and watermelons.

ORANGE PARADISE –Best Summer Nail Designs

  • Nautical Nails: Embrace the seaside theme with navy blue, white, and red color combinations. Add anchors, stripes, or cute sailboat designs for a classic summer look.

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  • Sunset Ombré: Create a beautiful gradient effect on your nails using warm sunset colors like orange, pink, and purple. Blend the colors smoothly for a stunning ombré effect.

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  • Floral Delight: Incorporate delicate floral patterns into your nails using intricate designs or stickers. Choose soft pastel or vibrant colors to suit your personal style.
  • Mermaid Magic: Channel your inner mermaid with iridescent glitter, shimmering scales, and sea-inspired designs. Experiment with shades of teal, blue, and purple for an enchanting look.
  • Fruit Fun: Paint your nails with fruity patterns like strawberries, lemons, or cherries for a fun and refreshing summer nail design. Use bright colors to make the fruits pop.
  • Beachy Waves: Recreate the look of ocean waves on your nails using shades of blue and white. Add some silver glitter for a touch of sparkle and a beachy feel.
  • Citrus Twist: Go for a citrus-inspired look with vibrant orange, yellow, and lime-green shades. Add citrus slices or citrus patterns to complete the refreshing summer vibe.

Remember, these are just ideas, and you can always customize them based on your preferences and skill level. Have fun experimenting and creating your perfect summer nail designs!


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